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Mayan monkey that plays with art flowing in the puzzle of time, opening our thoughts to the portal of new creative imaginary adventures for a better human future.

Dimensional Objects

How many objects? Infinite possibilities of creative experimentation that takes the intention of design, with smooth words, honest processes and relevant materials, to its ultimate consequences.

–Different narratives of weft and warp that dialogue to take shape and place within the space. An

A combination of two beauties that are implicit, one coming from the spirit of the creator as thinker, and the other resulting from the treatment and experimentation with techniques and materials of creation.


Narrative that bets on a reform of production from the artisanal and the handmade in dialogue with technology.

between the

A task that promotes reflections that are relevant today in order to travel to better scenarios. "The era of super technology is going to ask for super-tactility" —Li Edelkoort the global voice of trendforecasting


Objects "made by people for people, as a happiness for the creator and the user" —William Morris, critic of the industrially made and one of the fathers of design as we know it today.

resulting in envelopes that have the capacity to confort us, to bring us back to humanity and to reconnect with ourselves and with the world. The

A multidisciplinary team shaped by a textile manager, textile craftswomen and men, a design consultant and an expert advisor on cultural promotion, contributes with multi-perspectives towards the evolution of Chuen MX.

of Chuen MX detonate

In this time of complex transformations it becomes imperative to resort to means that make us reflect on our actions, it is almost a matter of survival to use discourse as action in order to create a better present that transits towards more desirable futures.

enriched by research, processes, concepts that result in creations of
Author Objects

Chuen MX is part of a global paradigm shift, where what is handmade, be it for a textile, an object, or an architectural space, is ceasing to be merely a rescue of traditions to become a system that impacts not only on design in general but above all at a cultural level.

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