Motivated by expanding the possibilities of our workshop’s handmade natural textiles, we approached one of Mexico’s most significant industrial designer in order to jointly develop a version of his emblematic “Mexican chair” that has taken him more than 50 years of developing and perfecting its shape and ergonomics.

Our Studio is dedicated to the creation of Author objects –from space interventions, monumental installations to clothing – With more than 20 years of experience, we are devoted to the research of new materials, objects, space typologies, and tools, like the development of architecture and creative building. We bet for a manual and artisanal production in dialogue with the digital, always informed by constant research and exploration of processes for handmade, “The Art of Workmanship”.  David Pye

The Studio showed the possibilities of the natural fiber sansevieria to the eighty-four years old architect and designer who created a chair collection, Oscar Haggerman. Astonished by this fiber yet unknown to him, he discovered two main qualities dear to him: being a Mexican natural fiber and the fact that it is produced within local communities in his country. Being an inspiration of a popular Mexican design, these perfected yet humble chairs are now part of Mexico’s material landscape and collective consciousness.

This 3 chairs, The Mango, Walnut an Oak Chairs, are made of tree wood and the backseat is made with hand spun sansevieria, the raw material from the leaves of the homonym plant –widely used for decoration– The straps used for the backseat are weaved on a 8 frame loom in Mexico City using raw sansevieria. The use of natural dyes or raw, the design of the patterns and textures give the straps its visual richness.

The material qualities as well as the minds and hands behind it, add to its value as collectible design, no chair can be equal, as no wood or handwoven textile can be the same.

“We touch things to assure ourselves of reality. We touch the objects of our love. We touch the things we form. Our tactile experiences are elemental.” Influenced by Anni Albers’ reflections, we also bet for creations that emerge from the hands and minds of women.

Cristina Perez-Reyes, our Studio’s Creative Director and weavers are all women who develop collaborative projects that remind of the power of women’s creative and intelectual force.

This chair speaks of a collaborative processes, moreover it acts as a possible answer to some of the environmental issues we are facing today, with solutions found in local crafts and natural materials rather than new materials and technologies. The fusion of friendly cultivation and process practices add to the richness of this chair that has become and important piece in the landscape and history of Mexican design.

By preserving biodiversity and supporting indigenous communities with the use of natural fibers and hand-made techniques, this piece shows the power of design both in transforming social cohesion and in providing solutions to environmental challenges.

Furthermore, we can find tactile qualities in this chair that translate into positive emotions both individually and universally, qualities that add to its almost poetic meaning. This chairs have the ability to confort us, the ability of bringing us back to humanity while reconnecting with us and with the world in general.